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Fishing on Horseshoe Lake

A healthy fishery on Horseshoe Lake is essential to the ongoing health of our lake.  It is also a favourite pastime for many of our property owners, their children and grandchildren.  As we have a public boat launch, people are also welcome and able to come from other places and fish on Horseshoe Lake.   

The Ontario Government has prepared an extensive document outlining the regulations related to fishing in Ontario.  Note that  for recreational fishing purposes, Ontario is divided into 20 Fisheries Management Zones and Horseshoe Lake is Zone 15. To access click here:   These regulations outline licencing requirements, fishing seasons, catch limits and bait restrictions in the various zones.

It is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) that is responsible for compliance with the regulations through their Conservation Officers and to whom violations are to be reported.  

Several folks have expressed concerns about where and how fishing was happening on the lake and that certain species are declining in population. Populations of fish ebb and flow based on many conditions in their habitat including available food and predators. 

Horseshoe Lake is a shared resource and we can all play a role in ensuring we have a healthy fishery.    

What Can You Do To Help?

  • If you are concerned about a known or suspected abuse, please report it to the Ministry TIPS violation reporting line at 1-877-847-7667
  • Respect works both ways – Fishing boats can stay away from docks, swimming areas and intake valves and other boaters can give fishing boats a wide berth when they are out on the lake.

·   If you are fishing:

  • ensure that you properly licenced and comply with fishing seasons, catch limits and bait restrictions.
  • when you are choosing fish to keep, consider selective harvest. Selective harvest means strategically choosing which fish species and sizes to keep, so that we can have strong fish populations in future years. For Horseshoe, you can apply selective harvest by:   Choosing to harvest the more prolific species (e.g., rock bass, pike) while releasing other species, & choosing to keep medium sized fish, rather than the big ones. Not only do big fish have “big fish” genetics that we’d like to keep reproducing, but they produce the most eggs during spawning season.
  • use Lead Free tackle to learn more click Leadfreeposter.pdf

·        If you have taken your boat into another lake, be sure to wash it thoroughly before putting it back in Horseshoe Lake

·        Encourage stewardship of our fishery with your children and grandchildren by fishing in the annual Kid’s Fishing Derby.

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The HLPOA acknowledge the lands and waters on which we meet, are the traditional homelands of the First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. Our beautiful lakes are fed from the north and flow to the south. We therefore acknowledge the Algonquin and Mississauga peoples as well as the governance of the Williams Treaties. We wish to express gratitude to Mother Earth, the resources we are using, and honour all Indigenous people who have been and continue to live on these lands.


Horseshoe Lake Property Owners association is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in which every member, their family and friends are treated with respect and dignity.

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