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The HLPOA buoys are generally put into the lake in early June, subject to the water levels being able to accommodate placement in close enough proximity to the shoals.  The shoals on Horseshoe Lake are not always visible to boaters and depending on water levels may be just below the surface.

The buoys are located in two places on Horseshoe Lake:

  • East of the three islands
  • At the south end of the lake west of the causeway and just east of the entrance to the narrows into Little Horseshoe

  The buoys are placed as a courtesy to alert boaters to the dangers the shoals present .  The HLPOA assumes no legal responsibility and boaters are encouraged to use caution when near these shoals.  It is important to remember that although the buoys are generally checked weekly, inclement weather and/or falling water levels could move them or expose additional rocks.  Therefore boaters need to use caution and their own judgement as to where they travel on Horseshoe Lake. 

  The buoys are generally removed at the end of the boating season in October.

  Should you observe a buoy that has broken free, please retrieve it and contact us at and we will arrange for it to be picked up and put back in place.

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The HLPOA acknowledge the lands and waters on which we meet, are the traditional homelands of the First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. Our beautiful lakes are fed from the north and flow to the south. We therefore acknowledge the Algonquin and Mississauga peoples as well as the governance of the Williams Treaties. We wish to express gratitude to Mother Earth, the resources we are using, and honour all Indigenous people who have been and continue to live on these lands.


Horseshoe Lake Property Owners association is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in which every member, their family and friends are treated with respect and dignity.

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