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Unsafe Boating

What is the HLPOA doing?

While the HLPOA can play a role in sharing information about the laws around safe boating, as an Association we do not have any authority when it comes to ensuring that the laws are being followed.  We also do not have authority to implement speed limits, determine a maximum size of motor, determine what boats can and can’t be on the lake or control how private buoys are used. 

Transport Canada establishes the laws around boating and the OPP are responsible for ensuring compliance for those laws.   Throughout 2021/22 Transport Canada guides were delivered to all properties on Horseshoe Lake so that property owners could be better informed about the laws and regulations.   

In order to address some of the questions raised through the survey and to share information about safe boating considerations with our members, we kicked off the boating season with a presentation by Sgt. Dave Moffatt, OPP Marine Coordinator at our Annual General Meeting on June 20th.  The theme of his presentation was ‘Sharing the Waterways’.  At the beginning of his presentation, he explained that it really important for people to understand that no matter what type of boat you are using, we all have a responsibility to be courteous to one another as we all enjoy and share the water together.  He defined courtesy as the showing of POLITENESS in ONES ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOUR towards others.

A major focus of his presentation was the need for all boaters to take responsibility for all the dangers of navigation and collision.  He indicated that every Vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

We encourage everyone to view his presentation.  It is posted on our website and was also shared with our membership in our Keeping in Touch on July 11th. If you haven’t had a chance to view it or are looking for a refresher. please click here:

One aspect that he did draw to everyone’s attention was that the legal speed limit within 30 metres of the shoreline is 10 km/hour.  He identified that the narrowest part is in Little Horseshoe past Elsie Bay and moving into the south end, where it is only 58 metres wide at its widest point.  Therefore, the maximum speed through that area is 10 km/hour. 

While we recognize that the boating season for 2023 is just about over, we felt it was important to re-share some of this information before the end of the season.  We will continue to share information and spread awareness related to boating safety again in the spring.

What Can You Do to Help?

  • ·        If you have any concerns regarding unsafe boating activities or excessive speed, you should report it immediately to the OPP, either the local detachment at 705 286-1431 or by calling 1-888-310-1122.  In case of an emergency, you should call 911.  You can also dial *OPP or *16 from your cell phone.
  • ·        When making a report they will want to know what is happening ie Who, What Where, When, How.  Information regarding the location and/or licence numbers of the vessel or photos are also helpful.  
  • ·        Continue to educate yourself and those around you. Be courteous and aware of how your actions and enjoyment on the water affect others and their enjoyment of the water. 

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The HLPOA acknowledge the lands and waters on which we meet, are the traditional homelands of the First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. Our beautiful lakes are fed from the north and flow to the south. We therefore acknowledge the Algonquin and Mississauga peoples as well as the governance of the Williams Treaties. We wish to express gratitude to Mother Earth, the resources we are using, and honour all Indigenous people who have been and continue to live on these lands.


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