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Did you know that:

·  Rodenticides are rat/mouse poisons?

·  Family Pets have died after ingesting a mouse that had consumed poison!

·  Rodenticides are highly acutely toxic with active ingredients that are designed to kill by disrupting nervous system functions and/or by preventing blood clotting resulting in internal hemorrhaging?

·   These chemical compounds pose a serious threat to your pets at the cottage, companion animals, wildlife species, the environment and to human health while at the same time failing to control rodent populations over the long-term?

·  These poisons take days to weeks to kill the intended target and in that time the rodents have been shown to feed on the bait multiple times. Dying rodents spend more time out in the open, moving slowly or not at all as they die painful deaths.  This makes rodents easy prey.

·  When a mouse dies it becomes food for other animals who then ingest the poison and that animal or bird is likely to die also. This poison can persist in the body of an affected animal for over 300 days.

·  As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of seasonal storms, more regular flooding is anticipated making the persistence of poison in our water even more concerning.

·  Rodenticides pose a human risk for children who may accidentally ingest them or handle animals that have ingested poison.

·  Disposing of rodenticides at landfill sites in your garbage increases the spread of poison, as birds scavenge the landfills and the runoff from rain washes these poisons into the surrounding environment.

What can you do to help?

  • Don’t use rat or mouse poisons
  • If you are concerned about mice investigate chemical free methods and rodent proofing options
  • Please sign this petition to let the political leaders of Haliburton County, Ontario know, that you support a ban on the use and sale of rodenticides. It is time for local government to ban rodenticides to keep wildlife, humans, companion animals and our environment safe from these poisons. Please care by signing and sharing widely. #rodenticidefreeont #defendingthemall #banrodenticides #savewildlife

If you would like more information, contact Allison Hansen at  or phone/text 905-718-7248

Help Ban Rodenticides in Ontario Fact sheet -  Rodenticide Free Ontario - Fact Sheet.pdf

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