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Invasive Snails 

Thank you to everyone for your continued diligence in identifying potentially invasive snails on Horseshoe. Here is a link to a map of the lake that shows the sites of identified invasive snail sightings on Horseshoe Lake. Thanks to Kent Rundle for developing this tracking mechanism and to the more than 25 volunteers who are actively involved in this program. As of July 7th, there are confirmed sightings of banded mystery snails and chinese mystery snails, four chinese mystery snails on Horseshoe Lake with another four unconfirmed sightings of possible mystery snails. 

Here are some highlight Numbers from the efforts on the lake in 2021:

  • 8053 Banded Mysterysnail removed
  • 9168 Chinese Mysterysnail removed
  • 114 reports were submitted to me (I suspect there were more removal efforts that went unreported as there are some people who were on the list of volunteer removers who sent me no reports)
  • Single largest haul of Mystersnails in 1 day was by 800 Banded Mystersnail by Sandra Badali

Some overall observations:

  • Banded Mystersnail seem to be present throughout Horseshoe Lake, though not in the Narrows (Little Horseshoe), and Chinese Mysterysnail are present in the Narrows, but not in the main lake.
Here is the detailed report for 2021: Mysterysnail Collections Horseshoe Lake- Sept21-2021.xlsx

Lymantria dispar dispar formerly referred to as Gypsy Moths 

These moths have been an issue throughout southern Ontario this summer and have recently appeared on several properties on Horseshoe Lake. Click here to learn more:

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The HLPOA acknowledge the lands and waters on which we meet, are the traditional homelands of the First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. Our beautiful lakes are fed from the north and flow to the south. We therefore acknowledge the Algonquin and Mississauga peoples as well as the governance of the Williams Treaties. We wish to express gratitude to Mother Earth, the resources we are using, and honour all Indigenous people who have been and continue to live on these lands.

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