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Image of the Front Cover of the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey: Celebrating 40 years of conservation, research, and monitoring. The cover includes the title and a majestic photo of an Adult Common Loon. Photo credit to Karen Fahrlander.

Dear Carol, 

It is with great pleasure that I give you the first opportunity to see the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey 40-year report. This report, written by Dr. Kristin Bianchini, Dr. Doug Tozer, Rob Alvo, Satyendra Bhavsar, and Dr. Mark Mallory, reviews the latest results from the program, including how loons are faring nationally and regionally, and what you can do to help.  Thank you to each and every one of you for your effort to conserve loons and healthy lake ecosystems.


Feel free to share the report with friends, colleagues, or your lake association.  Here are some tools to help:

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The HLPOA acknowledge the lands and waters on which we meet, are the traditional homelands of the First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. Our beautiful lakes are fed from the north and flow to the south. We therefore acknowledge the Algonquin and Mississauga peoples as well as the governance of the Williams Treaties. We wish to express gratitude to Mother Earth, the resources we are using, and honour all Indigenous people who have been and continue to live on these lands.

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